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    CooWe - Group coordination app

    Make Meetings Happen

    CooWe puts an end to long email chains and time-consuming back and forth so you can spend less time coordinating and more time meeting.

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      The future of group coordination is here!

      Organising a group can be like herding cats. It often involves you checking multiple platforms and needlessly relaying the details. Organising a group should not involve you doing all the work.

      Try CooWe and regain your valuable time.

      A one-stop-shop for
      group coordination

      CooWe removes the complexity of using multiple messaging apps, email accounts and calendars to coordinate a single meeting.

      Agreeing on the detail has never been easier

      Group decisions such as ‘when’ and ‘where’ are shared seamlessly and a breeze to change if need be.


      Let CooWe do
      the work for you!

      Syncing with your calendars, viewing any calendar conflicts, receiving timely reminders and sharing last-minute changes – CooWe coordinates it all!

      Your favorite tools, built in. Everything
      in one place, finally!

      CooWe allowed me to regain control of my time and effortlessly collaborate with clients and team members to make meetings ”actually” happen.
      David Wild Senior Producer
      I never knew I needed this until I tried it. I now use it daily.
      Louisa Bligh Managing Director
      I couldn't honestly imagine organising without CooWe. Game changer.
      Elliott Layland CMO

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        The Digital Professional

        I manage teams across three continents, with a constant need to meet with prospective vendors around the globe.
        With CooWe managing this is far easier, all without sharing my calendar or personal contact information.


        The Project Manager

        Our teams work in both the US and UK, which means it’s often hard to align schedules. Since jumping on with CooWe, we’ve done away with timezone complications and confusion over what platform we’ll use.


        The Socialite

        Finding time to catch up with friends between my busy work schedule is a real pain. It’s hard enough finding a window when everyone’s available, let alone all agreeing on what we’re going to do.
        With CooWe, these plans just happen.


        The Gamer

        My Discord community lives all over the world and between work and life it’s hard to get everyone online together at the same time. Since the group started using CooWe, our channel has been growing every week!

        Evolve to the new way of coordinating.

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